All About Plantation Shutter Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, there are many types and varieties, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Of the multitude of options available to you, the homeowner, one of the best and most enduring types of window coverings is the only type you can actually finance as a part of your renovation – plantation shutter blinds.

These window treatments are ideal for a wide range of homes and have been in high demand for years. They’re perfect for homeowners looking for a lasting, permanent look and feel that brings sophistication and style to a home.

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Read more on plantation shutter blinds and whether or not they’re ideal for your home.

What Are Plantation Shutter Blinds?

Plantation shutters are popular, permanent interior shutters that are often custom created for a home. Their style is distinctive and elegant because of their large, wide louvers (slats that allow air and light to pass through). This is in contrast to traditional shutters, like the kind found in New England homes.

This type of shutter originated in Spain but was put into its first modern form in the South during the plantation era. Due to the fact that they were located in the hot, humid climate of the South, plantations needed to let in plenty of air and light. Thus, shutters became wider and fuller, a trend that has continued.

The typical size of the louver, or slat, in current plantation-style shutters is 2.5 inches, although some rooms benefit more from larger, 3.5 inch or 4.5 inch louvers. Smaller sizes are available, but they are uncommon.

Advantages of Plantation Shutter Blinds

Planation shutters come with plenty of advantages.

For starters, they let in more light than traditional shutters. This is advantageous for several reasons, most notably because people like well-lit rooms (especially here in the South).

They can also be custom built for virtually any room, each with its own configuration. For example, in a bathroom, you can have shutters that allow the bottom to stay closed for privacy while allowing the top to open up to let in more sunlight.

Additionally, as mentioned above, plantation shutters can be financed into the purchase of a home because they are permanent (since they’re installed into the home) and are highly desired among  homeowners. If you’re trying to add value to your home, going with plantation shutter blinds is a powerful option.

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