Are Concrete Coatings Necessary?

Home paint projects often involve upgrading the walls within your home or adding a carefully selected coat of paint to the rooms in your new home. However, walls aren’t the only things that can get a facelift regarding looks. In fact, concrete areas outside of your home can help give it a unique look and help increase its longevity by protecting it against the elements. Though concrete is strong, it’s not invincible. With time, you might notice some crumbling here and some cracks there. Fortunately, preventing this is possible. At Rainbow Paint and Decorating, our concrete coatings provide sealing that protects against peeling, chipping, and cracking.

Benefits of Concrete Coating

Concrete floors are often seen in driveways or garages. Though not inside your home, these places still feel a lot of usage from foot traffic and cars. Protecting these spaces by sealing and coating them with a concrete stain can maximize your floors’ life and protect your home’s overall foundation. Plus, this is one of the most economical ways to transform the space’s look and feel. It can even hide imperfections and create a smooth, cohesive look on a previously worn-down floor.

 Easy to clean via mop and water, floors with concrete coating are low maintenance and are resistant to moisture, dust, dirt, and buildup. You can also select from various finishes, colors, and aesthetics to complement your style. So not only will you be protecting and extending the life of your concrete floors, but they will also look better while doing it.

Concrete Coating Brand Options

For concrete coating, we recommend Richards Deck Guard Driveway and Floor Coating. This concrete stain is known for its best-in-class performance thanks to its innovative waterborne acrylic coating that keeps your concrete areas looking freshly painted for a longer period of time than other concrete coatings on the market. This product can be used on both concrete and brick surfaces. For your concrete surfaces, this brand adds a low sheen to your concrete to help it resist chipping, cracking, and picking up residue from tires. This will keep your garage or workspace stunning while providing ample strength.

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In the end, a concrete coating is worth it if you want to prolong the life of your concrete surfaces and let them look beautiful. Contact or visit us at Rainbow Paint & Decorating to learn more about concrete coating. We are your one-stop paint store for all of your decorative needs, and we proudly carry the best products available, We are happy to help you discover the best products for your home’s needs. Additionally, we carry flooring that will help make your entire decorating project a complete success that you will adore seeing, and we can service all of your painting and decorative needs. Whether you are a homeowner with a weekend DIY project, an interior designer or decorator, or a homebuilder, our friendly team of experts is here to help.

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