Buying Better Blackout Blinds

blackout blinds

There are many obstacles to getting a good night’s sleep, and many of these are unavoidable. While we can’t control certain challenges like restless kids or stressing about work, there is no need to let an overly lit room prevent us from getting the right amount of sleep. Blackout window treatments eliminate any threat of excessive daylight leaking into the room, while also providing a more comfortable option to sleep masks!

But when it comes to choosing a blackout treatment, it’s important that you choose an option that is guaranteed to provide the experience you expect. Otherwise, you’ll still have too much light coming through, along with the additional stress of a faulty purchase. Hunter Douglas provides the perfect options for alleviating these concerns.


While all people seeking blackout window treatments agree they want less light in their rooms, not everyone will agree on how these treatments should look. Having an extensive list of options is the only way to guarantee that each individual will find the best selection for their personal taste. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas provides more than enough options! With different options for both fabrics, blinds, and liners, the toughest decision a customer will have is narrowing down their favorite.

Hunter Douglas provides an array of shades, wood blinds, alternative wood blinds, and aluminum blinds. This allows you to select the specific type of window treatment you want, and then get into the nitty gritty details. When it comes to liners, customers can select between Silhouette® Window Shadings and Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, both of which are fantastic options on both an effective and visual level.

The Extra Mile

While it’s difficult to remove 100% of light from a room, Hunter Douglas approaches the dilemma from a fresh angle. For example, the de-Light feature that is offered for blackout blinds not only creates a visually appealing design, but removes cord holes for an even darker experience! The different fabrics available also give more options to the customer, while the liners create a more energy-efficient environment. As always, Hunter Douglas offers convenient features that can be used to control the lighting while away from the home or even set a schedule that works best for you.  

Rainbow Paint Knows Hunter Douglas

We are proud to be experts on all things Hunter Douglas, including their various blackout window treatments. This is a spectacular brand that doesn’t settle for less when it comes to customer experience, and we’re always happy to introduce people to a better lighting situation. Contact us today to learn more.