Hard Window Treatments

Rainbow Paint & Decorating is Alabama’s largest HunterDouglas Gallery.  We will take you through the entire process from choosing the best product for your windows, to making color selections, to measurements and installation.  The entire process is included in our service, and the end result will be beautiful window coverings for privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and aesthetics that you will love for many years.  Indoor and outdoor shades, plantation shutters, blinds, wooden wovens, motorized window treatments, and more bring style and functionality to your home.

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Types of Hard Window Treatments

  • Woven Wooden Shades
    Woven Woods shades are a stunning way to improve the look of any room with natural wood tones. We recommend woven woods shade if you want to ditch the standard and embrace your unique style. One of the greatest features is that you can customize your shade to fit your most difficult window. No more need to measure over and over because our accomplished team will determine your fit and match your expectations and specifications in texture, design, and color. The woven material gives you a perfect window treatment that allows you to match the feel of any room.

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  • Hunter Douglas Blinds
    Rainbow Paint offers a wide range of Hunter Douglas Blinds, in both Horizontal and Vertical varieties.

    Horizontal: Parkland™; Everwood®; Reveal®; Macro; Natural Elements™; Lightlines®; Decor®; and Celebrity®

    Vertical: Skyline®; Cadence®; Somner®; Vertical Solutions®; and Crosswinds®

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  • Hunter Douglas Shutters
    More than a classic look that never goes out of style, Hunter Douglas custom shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy. Available in premium hardwood and polysatin, hybrid compounds, our interior shutter collection features classic styling, long-lasting finishes and exceptional craftsmanship.

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  • Hunter Douglas Motorization Systems
    Motorized systems for blinds and shades can make tasks such as adjusting hard-to-reach window coverings, controlling glare, or protecting valuable furnishings from the sun as simple as the push of a button. Window coverings can be instantly adjusted to counter changing sun and temperature conditions and help create the perfect indoor atmosphere.

    Motorized Window Blinds have many benefits, including protecting furnishings from UV rays; increasing security in your home; and lowering utility bills.

    Depending on your installation, you can access different levels of automation, from simple to more complete. You choose the automation that best suits your lifestyle: Motorize, Automate, Programmed Energy Management.

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  • Roller Shades
    Let’s face it – every window in your home needs a window covering. Whether it’s to protect your interiors from the sun’s harmful rays or it’s to add a sense of privacy and security to your home, adding a window covering to your window is a significant decision that can immediately update your home.

    Whether you want it for design or for function, you have come to the right place because our treatments have it all! Consider Rainbow Paint & Decorating when upgrading your interiors. We offer a wide range of products to help elevate your home, including high-quality Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, and Alta window treatments. Try the timeless and layerable look of Roller Shades for your rooms to add a simple, classic, and elegant appeal to your interiors.

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  • Cellular Shades
    Energy loss through your windows can be a significant problem in your home. Energy loss causes your heater and air conditioner to work harder and longer, increasing your energy bills. Heat and cold coming and going through the glass of your windows make it harder for your home to regulate internal temperatures. At Rainbow Paint and Decorating, we understand these issues and have the perfect solution: cellular honeycomb shades. There are many benefits to cellular shades and their energy-efficient design.

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  • Vertical Blinds
    Vertical blinds are incredibly effective for large, wide expanses of windows, and sliding glass doors. At Rainbow Paint and Decorating, we pride ourselves on carrying only premium brands of vertical blinds, including Hunter Douglas. We’d love to show you how vertical blinds can be an attractive, practical addition to your home.

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