Exterior Paint

If you are looking for the perfect colors for the exterior of your house, from your front door to your brick or siding, Rainbow Paint & Decorating is here for you. Our collection of exterior paints works on every outside surface, from brick to wood, concrete and stucco. We have finishes for siding, eaves, soffits, and doors. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of products from a wide selection of brands. By providing a diverse selection of exterior paint colors and products, we can ensure that we have the perfect exterior house colors and finishes for every customer.

Benefits of Exterior Paint

  • Durability: A coating of exterior paint colors can increase the life of your siding, masonry, or brick. The added protection that comes from maintaining a good paint job can significantly extend the life of your exterior surfaces.
  • Colorful: From stunning exterior house colors to unique front door colors, our exterior paint colors include any and every color you could imagine. This allows you to match your aesthetic style, compliment the colors in your landscaping, or perfectly match the color palette required by your homeowners’ association.
  • Beauty: A coat of exterior paint and new exterior house colors have been shown to increase your home’s curb appeal. Fresh exterior paint makes your home appear cleaner and nicer and can increase your property value. Studies have shown that a new coat of exterior paint can increase property value by up to 5%.
  • Cost-Effective: One of the biggest benefits of exterior paints is how much value you get for very little investment. With exterior paints, you can easily change the color or finish of your home. Whether you want to update the look of your home or just try something new, the low cost makes buying exterior paint from Rainbow Paint & Decorating an easy choice.
  • Protection: Putting a layer of exterior paint on your siding can help prevent damage caused by the natural world. Sun, rain, wind, sleet, and snow can all cause damage to the outside of your home, which can also lead to problems with the interior. A painted brick house will stand up much better to these elements than an unpainted home. Exterior paint can also provide a barrier to stop insects and rodents from entering your home.

Exterior Paint Finishes

  • Flat or Matte Finish: This exterior paint finish best hides imperfections like stains, small cracks, and uneven surfaces. A flat finish also provides good coverage and a smooth look that is perfect for wood and vinyl siding.
  • Eggshell or Satin Finish: This exterior paint finish is the perfect middle-of-the-road option for all outdoor surfaces. They are easier to clean than matte and flat finishes and still work well to hide imperfections. Siding, brick, masonry, doors, and trim all look lovely with an eggshell or satin finish.
  • Semi-Gloss Finish: This exterior paint helps a surface stand out in the sunlight. We recommend semi-gloss for accent pieces like eaves, soffits, overhangs, window sills, door frames, and doors.
  • High-Gloss Finish: This exterior paint finish is easy to clean, making it perfect for high-traffic surfaces like front doors and garage doors.

Exterior Paint Products

Farrow & Ball Exterior Paint

  • Exterior Masonry
  • Exterior Eggshell
  • Full Gloss
Farrow & Ball logo, Exterior Paint, Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors, near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)
Fine Paints of Europe logo, Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

Fine Paints of Europe Exterior Paint

  • Hollandlac® Brilliant 98
  • Hollandlac® Satin
  • Eurolux® Housepaint
  • ECO® Paints

C2 Exterior Paint

  • Premium Exterior
  • Exterior Solid Stain
C2 Paint logo, Exterior Paint, Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors, near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)
Richards Paints logo, Exterior Paint, Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors, near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

Richards Exterior Paint

  • Eternity High Performance Exterior Coating
  • Signature Plus Paint & Primer in One
  • Signature Exterior Acrylic
  • THOR Ultra Premium Waterborne Acrylic Enamel
  • Rich Shield Acrylic House & Trim
  • RichFlex High Build Acrylic
  • Signature Series RichFlex Elastomeric Waterproof Coating
  • Premium Trim & Deck House Enamel

Modern Masters Exterior Paint

  • Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Private Label Exterior Paint

  • Shelby Line Exterior Paint
Modern Masters logo, Exterior Paint, Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors, near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

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With all of these exterior house paint colors and options, it is clear why you should reach out to Rainbow Paint & Decorating for your next project. Our expert team knows each of our products intimately and would love to help you find the Farrow & Ball, Fine Paints of Europe, C2 Paint, Richards, or Modern Masters exterior paint that is right for you.

In addition to our exterior paint products, we also offer a variety of soft and hard window treatments, a collection of wallpaper, a selection of flooringarea rugsfurniture & pillows. If you need help with your next interior design project, we also offer interior design consultations.

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