Finding the Highest Quality Paint for Homes

Finding the Highest Quality Paint for Homes Near Birmingham, Alabama (AL) Using Farrow and Ball Colors

If you’ve experienced student housing or rentals with frequent new tenants, you are probably familiar with the attributes of low-quality paint. For example, if you touch these walls with damp hands, you might come away with paint. For some, the chalky quality of layers of this type of paint might feel rather clinical, making it difficult to feel at home. When you’re designing your own space, you don’t want to struggle with low quality paint. Luckily, Rainbow Paint carries the highest quality paints, including options from Farrow and Ball.

Farrow and Ball started out by setting themselves apart. When John Farrow and Richard Ball were living in rural Dorset, England in the 1940s, they entered the paint business, but they were determined to make a product that used only the finest quality ingredients. Naturally, they required rich pigments to suit this high-quality product. This was a rare occurrence in the 1940s when acrylic paints were the popular trend.

They paired those high-quality ingredients with age-old production methods and developed a process with natural minerals and high levels of those pigments that we still use today.

Farrow and Ball’s desire to create high-quality products doesn’t end with their paint selection. Rather, the same can be said of the quality of their wallpaper. Most wallpapers are made with ink, but once again, this company disregarded the common method and paved their own way. Farrow and Ball create wallpaper with environmentally friendly water-based paints. Since the background color is applied with a hand brushing technique, each design has its own unique texture. With the additional layer of paint creating the design, Farrow and Ball wallpaper is guaranteed to stand out, adding a distinctive beauty to your home.

When you are selecting paint for your home, you probably want to have an idea of what color you are looking for and what is available. If you don’t have a clear idea of what may fit your room well, you can start by taking a look around your home. Lighter colors will help keep the room bright and open, and certain tones can create specific feelings. For example, blues are rather calming, while yellows are bright and cheerful. Bold colors work well for accent walls to accentuate a space. While it might be tempting to pick the most frequently seen color in your room for the walls, you may want to try a different approach. Selecting a color that matches just a few pieces in the room can help create unity. If your color palette is simple, then selecting a complementary color may add an extra dynamic to the space.

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