Getting to Know Fine Paints of Europe

fine paints of europe

Europe has a rich and well-deserved reputation as a global center for painting. Many of the world’s greatest works of art came from Europe. So it’s no surprise that some of the best paint in the world for your home also comes from Europe.

At Rainbow Paint, we offer select products from Fine Paints of Europe, which has been providing the Old World’s finest paint options to the U.S. for over 30 years. Designed for homeowners and designers with a great taste for decor and quality, Fine Paints of Europe products have been in demand all over the globe since 1987 – and you can get them from us.

Quality, Durability, Beauty

The coatings offered by Fine Paints of Europe are developed in the Netherlands, which not only is one of the historical epicenters for fine art – producing Rembrandt, van Gogh, and other esteemed names – but one of the best places to go for paint coatings.

These paints are known for their:

  • Quality: they’re made with only the finest ingredients;
  • Durability: they last far longer than most brands on the market;
  • Beauty: the richness of the tones make any room stand out.

This reputation has served Fine Paints of Europe well. The company has grown considerably over the past three decades because homeowners and designers alike recognize these qualities in the products they use on a day to day basis for project after project.

We enjoy selling products from Fine Paints of Europe because our customers are never disappointed by the quality, durability, or beauty of these fine coatings.

Getting Fine Paints of Europe for Your Next Project

The best place to find Fine Paints of Europe products is to get them right here at Rainbow Paint.

We offer a full line of Fine Paints of Europe because we recognize the quality they offer. All of the paint brands we carry are of the highest quality, and Fine Paints of Europe is no exception. You can visit our showroom to try out the various shades and tones to find the paint that is a perfect complement to the decor in the room you are painting.

Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation. We think Fine Paints of Europe could be a fine choice for you and your home.