3 tips for picking the right paint contractor

paint contractors

Having your home or office painted is a major investment; therefore, choosing the right contractor is essential. For some people, this seems like a really scary task. I would like to share a few tips on picking the right contractor. For the sake of this blog, we will call this the three rules in finding the right contractor for you. The three rules that are vital are: do not give them money up front, ask for references, and only pay them until after your final walk through is complete.

Tip #1- Do NOT pay up front

It is important not to pay contractors up front because you, as the customer, will lose all leverage you have in making sure the project is done to your satisfaction. Once you give up your money, you are along for the ride. Often times contractors will say that they need to buy material or pay their guys at the end of the week. This is not your problem. Any established company has money to buy materials and float payroll. I do know that there can be exceptions for jobs where you are working with a friend or fellow church member, etc. In this case, you can buy the paint yourself to offset some of the upfront expense for the contractor. At Rainbow Paint and Decorating, we sell paint to homeowners at contractor pricing when they are doing a big project so it will not cost you more. This is true whether you are buying Pratt & Lambert, Pittsburg PPG, or Rainbow Paint. It is usually in everyone’s best interest for the homeowner to buy the paint. The homeowner gets the exact quality they are looking for and we keep records in our computers of what colors you have in each room. This is important information in the future when you have to do repairs or if you are just cleaning up your house for the holidays. This also keeps the contractor from having to come out of pocket for the materials. Everyone’s a winner!

Tip #2- Ask for references

At Rainbow Paint and Decorating, we keep a reviewed list of contractors to refer. It is really hard to get on this list and just as hard to stay there. Please call us and we will give you at least three contacts. We encourage everyone to get three bids so you can compare them side-by-side. Just because the first bid that comes in fits your budget, doesn’t make that contractor is the right fit. You need points of comparison.

Tip #3- Do a walk through before you sign off on the project

When you write that last check to the contractor, make sure he is FINISHED before you pay him. When they are paid, they are gone and getting them back out to do something you or they missed is a long shot. This is also fair to the contractor; when you tell the painter he is finished, he needs to move on.


Just remember that a good deal is when both parties get what they want. The painter is there to make money and you need a paint job. Everyone can win and needs to win. Contact us today for more information about our design services or a list of contractors that we recommend.