Hunter Douglas & the Importance of an Innovative Company

hunter douglas

Since 1919, when Henry Sonnenberg first founded his company in Germany as a machine tool distributor, there has been something different about Hunter Douglas. Obviously, many things have changed since nearly a century ago – including the focus of the company’s products – but one thing hasn’t: an innovative business model that continues to lead to new success. A massive move to The Netherlands in 1933 and a partnership with Joe Hunter that led to the production of Venetian Blinds in 1946 were early signs of a company that wasn’t afraid of change. In fact, they embraced it. Keep reading as we take a look at some of the key beliefs of Hunter Douglas that remain to this day.


When it comes to a person’s home or business, they want shades and blinds to be both effective and stylish. It would be impossible to accomplish this task without a company that embraces innovation and creativity in every decision they make. The Hunter Douglas Research, Design and Technology unit is known for gathering the most talented minds from around the world. Every window treatment begins with a wonderful design, which then becomes a beautiful product that’s bound to capture guests’ attention.


Few things matter more for a company’s success than the culture it provides, and Hunter Douglas is proud to put their employees in a position to achieve excellence since 1919! Innovation and dedication are highly rewarded in the Hunter Douglas system, which allows those who want bigger roles to achieve them. With global operations spreading their workforce around the world, the company places major emphasis on thinking globally and acting locally.


While we love Hunter Douglas for their superior window treatments, it’s also important to mention the quality of employees that work with the company. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – it’s going to be easier if the staff is charismatic and hard-working. As we mentioned earlier, Hunter Douglas is a global business. To have success in so many different markets, it’s crucial to have a workforce as diverse as the areas you plan on being in. Hunter Douglas not only understands this, but has perfected the hiring process.

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