Kitchen Paint Inspiration

Have you been thinking of giving your kitchen upgrade? Do you love your décor and appliances but wish that you could give your kitchen a little pop of something? Then you might be ready for a kitchen painting project!

Kitchen Paint Inspiration, custom paint for homes near Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

Home to fun meals and many great memories, the kitchen is a lively place that lets you spread your creative wings as wide as you wish. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen to something neutral or give it a pop of personality, we have a vast paint collection that lets you achieve your dream look. Of course, picking the perfect style for your kitchen can feel overwhelming. That is why we are here to offer some kitchen paint inspiration for your latest project!

Stick with a Color Family

If you want to add depth and dimension to your kitchen, sticking to a particular color family is an excellent way. For example, let’s say your kitchen cabinets are navy blue, and your countertops are white. Painting your walls a lighter blue enables you to add visual intrigue to your kitchen without risking clashing. If your backsplash is grey and your cabinets white, consider adding a bold black color to your kitchen walls to color block like a pro. Our friendly team of experts can help you color match to perfection so that you will love your chosen paint family.

Try an Accent Wall

If you are wanting to add a pop of personality to your kitchen but don’t want to commit to painting all of the walls of bright color, then we encourage you to consider an accent wall. Kitchen paint inspiration is vast when it comes to accent walls. Whether you add some fun, hand-painted patterns or put a splash of hot pink on a certain wall in your kitchen, an accent wall lets you turn up the fun without causing too much drama.

Open Things Up

Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. If you desire to paint the walls in your kitchen one solid color, then more power to you! In fact, sticking to one color that coordinates well with your current kitchen style can open up the space and make it feel clean, crisp, and modern – all while adding a pop of personality with the color you choose. Once again, our friendly team of experts can help you find the perfect shade to upgrade your kitchen to a minimalistic-chic finish. 

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Upgrading your kitchen is a fun, exciting time. The best part? You don’t have to overhaul your countertops, appliances, or even your décor. (Unless you are ready for an overhaul, that is!) When you put up a fresh coat of paint (whether on all the walls or just some), your kitchen will be transformed. To learn more about our kitchen paint inspiration, contact or visit us today at Rainbow Paint & Decorating. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama, and proudly serve the Greater Birmingham area, including Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Homewood, & Hoover, Alabama.