Welcome to Rainbow Paint and Decorating! We are proud to be the one-stop decorating shop for the Birmingham metro area. Our flooring selection includes hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, and rugs. We partner with top-quality brands to bring our customers the very best products on the market. Whether you are planning to put new floors in your entire home, or you want to update the look of a single room, or you need to match flooring to fix a stain or dent, we have what you need. Our team would love to walk you through all the options and help you find the perfect flooring for you.

Types of Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

There is a reason that hardwood flooring has maintained its position as the most popular flooring option for decades. When it comes to beauty and longevity, hardwood really can’t be beat. The natural look of hardwood fits with any style of home and any decor, making it a perfect choice for even the most eclectic rooms. Hardwood is also long-lasting and can be refinished several times to remove surface scratches without compromising the integrity of the flooring. Refinishing also allows you to refresh the look of your home without replacing the flooring. Hardwood can be more expensive than other flooring options, and it can warp from prolonged exposure to moisture. However, hardwood floors are easy to clean, and homes with hardwood floors have a much higher resale value.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Created by placing a thin veneer of natural hardwood over layers of plywood, engineered wood flooring is a more cost-effective option that results in a beautiful hardwood look. This flooring is also less sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature than hardwood, which means it can work in more spaces without warping. Engineered wood can also be installed by nail, glue, or floating it on a foam or cork underlayer. This means that engineered wood can be installed directly over a concrete subfloor—not always possible with hardwood. However, most engineered woods can only be refinished once, making it less long-lasting than genuine hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

Although the construction of laminate flooring is like that of engineered wood, the top layer is a synthetic material instead of a sheet of hardwood veneer. This gives laminate the versatility to look like anything—hardwood, stone, tile, or more. Since it is usually installed using a floating system, laminate can be easily placed over existing flooring or a concrete subfloor. Laminate flooring is also scratch, dent, and stain-resistant, making clean-up easy and requiring less maintenance than some other flooring. Laminate must be replaced when it wears out, but its easy-to-install nature makes changing the flooring a relatively simple process.

Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to moisture-rich environments, vinyl is one of the best options you can choose. This tough material can stand up to heavy traffic and is easy to clean. Vinyl can also mimic the look of other floorings while remaining much softer under your feet than wood planks or stone tiles. Vinyl flooring is also available in unique colors and patterns, providing a more stylized look or creating a very specific aesthetic. Vinyl is more susceptible to gouging, but it is also very easy to remove and replace a single plank to fix any imperfections.

Tile & Stone

Another great choice for humid places, tile and stone are both waterproof and durable. These types of flooring are excellent choices for kitchens and bathrooms. Tile and stone are also incredibly durable, and a well-installed floor can last for years. This flooring is also a wonderful option for hot climates as they remain cool even during heatwaves. There are also many color options, and because tiles are available in many sizes, you can create unique patterns and designs. Stone and tile require more presswork to install and are more expensive, but the durability means they are great for high-traffic areas and even exposed rooms like enclosed porches.


A top choice for bedrooms, carpet is comfortable and cost-effective. Carpet is available in a variety of colors and piles, allowing you to select the perfect shade and the exact right amount of softness. Carpet is often installed over a layer of padding, which can vary in thickness depending on how cushioned you would like your floor to be. This flooring is warm underfoot, provides a layer of insulation for your floors, and is sound dampening. Carpet can be more challenging to clean than hard flooring, but modern technology has made carpets much more stain-resistant, and the ease of installation makes replacement a breeze.

Our Brands

Mohawk Flooring

For over a century, Mohawk Flooring has been a trusted name in the flooring industry. They started as a carpet company and now proudly carry design options from over 30 flooring categories covering every floor type. They are dedicated to environmental responsibility and positively impacting their communities. We are proud to partner with them to bring you top-quality flooring.

Shaw Floors

Continuously voted number one for hardwood, carpet, and laminate, Shaw Floors has been creating beautiful flooring since 1967. They pride themselves on innovative practices and quality production. They are constantly updating their testing procedures to guarantee they deliver some of the best quality products on the market. We believe in the quality of Shaw Floors, and we know you will too.