Plantation Shutters

If you are considering making the investment in plantation shutters in your home, understanding a little more about shutters may help. Plantation shutters are one of the few window treatment options that allow you to recoup your investment when selling your home. Most window treatments like blinds and shades add to the to sell-ability of your home, but interior shutters add value.

image1 (1)Most people associate the beginnings of plantation shutters with the rise of the plantation homes in the Deep South in the early 1800s. Shutters were very popular during this period but shutters actually got their introduction during the Greek empire where they were made of granite. Louis XIV of France was later given credit to moving the window dressings west. While the product spread across France, wood workers learned how to make the product more user friendly and cheaper. Wealthier families coming to the new world brought this window fashion with them.

Plantation shutters provide three things: privacy, ventilation, and security. Being able to open and close the blinds allow the user to control the amount of light coming into a room as well as the level of privacy. While opening and closing blinds will help with the efficiency in keeping a room climate controlled, shutters are no longer considered to contribute to security. The security is not as relevant because most properties now have windows.

image2 (1)Rainbow Paint and Decorating is the largest distributor of plantation shutters in Alabama. Please consult our design team for free to determine what is the perfect product for your investment. Determining the best color, style, and mounting/window treatment installation techniques are things that our design staff will make easy.

Attached are pictures showing the difference between rolling plantation shutters and stacking plantation shutters. These are perfect options when you are trying to preserve a view.