The Powerful Duo of Hunter Douglas and Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Throughout the course of history there have been many great duos, but only a rare few can claim to be iconic. This includes famous pairs like peanut butter and jelly, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, The Everly Brothers, and the unforgettable Wallace and Gromit.

We are excited to announce the latest classic duo to grace our planet: Hunter Douglas and Iris Apfel! Iris has been a fashion and style icon for decades, and her brilliant co-sign of respected window decorator Hunter Douglas is a great thing for both sides. Since our clients are probably more familiar with Hunter Douglas, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing accomplishments of Iris Apfel.

Life of Iris

It seems that Iris was destined for a career in fashion since her birth in 1921. Her parents’ work experience (her mother owned a fashion boutique and her father a glass-and-mirror business) combined to create the beginning of a style icon. She would continue to seek knowledge in the world of arts by attending New York University, and later the University of Wisconsin.

After her education, Iris found quick success in the working world. This includes working for interior designer Elinor Johnson, illustrator Robert Goodman, and for the world-famous Women’s Wear Daily. By 1950, she and her husband, Carl, owned and operated their own textile firm – Old World Weavers.

Iris and Carl’s success in the world of fashion brought many great opportunities for the power couple. This includes traveling worldwide, which expanded Iris’s fashion sense even more – and led to more success! She was also part of redesigning the White House for nine presidents, with the last being Bill Clinton. Other accomplishments include receiving the Women Together Special Award of the Year, starring in a documentary that premiered at the New York Film Festival, and being named a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

She has also been featured in a number of famous museums including the Peabody Essex Museum, Nassau County Museum of Art, and the Norton Museum of Art. Perhaps her most famous museum moment though, is a personal tribute from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, with a personal gallery at The Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History in Boynton Beach, Florida being a close runner-up.

Make Your Home More Stylish

Iris Apfel partnering with Hunter Douglas is a big deal for many reasons, with the main reason being that it tells the world something many of us already knew – this company gets style! Bright colors, fun arrangements, and perfect lighting mix blend perfectly while providing the easiest methods for controlling your window decor! Contact us for more information.