Showcase Your Style with Specialty Paint

Showcase Your Style with Specialty Paint near Birmingham, Alabama (AL) like Metallic and Crackle Paint

When you’re decorating your new home or redecorating your current space, you have a great opportunity to show your personality. This starts with the basic selection of paint for each room in your home, or for some, for each specific wall. While you might be anxious to get started with your home improvement projects, you shouldn’t take choosing paint lightly. Instead, you should consider the feeling you want to create in your home as well as how you can showcase your style with specialty paint, accents and unique painting techniques. Rainbow Paint has the best in paint products to help you with your project of any size.

The first way to showcase your personality is through the use of accent walls. While bold paint colors can be overwhelming when used throughout an entire space, accent walls can add a splash of color or texture and show off your individual tastes. For example, you might have the majority of your walls painted in a warm, pale grey but highlight the wall behind your bed, couch or other area in a vibrant blue. Similarly, you might choose to keep a calm, neutral paint color throughout most of your home, but create an accent wall with wallpaper.

Another way to show your unique tastes is with specialty paints for accent walls, furniture or specific areas in your home. Founded in 1962, Modern Masters has become the number 1 provider of specialty water-based paints after years of producing new and innovative products. Some of their products include theme paint, decorative painter’s products, artist’s acrylics, and metallic paints. Their metallic paint collection offers a variety of sheen options so you can get the look you want. For high-wear areas, Modern Masters has developed the Colorfast line for exceptional durability, fade resistance and gloss retention. If you want a traditional style for your home, their Venetian Plaster product was the first in the USA. For dramatic effects in a specialty room or for night clubs and other purposes, Wildfire products are specially formulated for maximum brightness. If you want a truly unique specialty paint, Rainbow Paint can help you find the Modern Masters product to fit your needs.

You can also showcase your style by using unique painting techniques.

  • Geometric patterns: Using different colors of paint, you can create shapes and patterns to make a statement in your home. The size and number of shapes as well as the contrast in paint colors will determine how bold or subtle the accent is.
  • Specks or squiggles: You can use spots and line to create a different style in your home. Small lines or squiggles can add fun spirit to a room while spots and paint sprays can resemble a rock texture.
  • Sponging: Sponging can be used to create a texture similar to stucco if you use a sponge roller. If you prefer a smooth texture with an enticing design, you can use a sponge to apply paint over a base coat.

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