Skyline® Gliding Window Panels for Office

Skyline Gliding Window Panels for Offices Near Birmingham, Alabama (AL) for Light Control and Workspace PrivacyThe Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are not what you would typically picture when you think of vertical blinds. That is because Hunter Douglas put a spin on traditional-style vertical blinds with the creation of these incredibly stylish window panels. We are here to tell you all about why the Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are the perfect choice for your commercial office in Birmingham, Alabama.

Because they are suitable for a variety of different types of window and door situations, these gliding window panels are absolutely perfect to keep everything looking perfectly uniform in a commercial office space. Whether your windows are your average-sized small windows or you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows, these panels are absolutely stunning in any situation. They can also double as stylish room dividers if you need to be able to create makeshift conference areas.

When choosing window treatments for an office space, it is important that the treatments inspire productivity, as well as make the space more comfortable. You don’t want to choose something that makes the space too dark and blocks out all light, as this will make people tired and unproductive. Too much light, though, will cause headaches and glare on computer monitors. Both of these situations can make people feel incredibly uncomfortable. The Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are the perfect medium to solve these problems.

You will also love that these blinds come in tons of different incredible options for colors and fabrics, as well as styles and operating systems. A great choice for offices is a screen shade style, which these are available in. Screen shades filter in just the right amount of natural light to keep the space lit and productive, while filtering out harmful UV rays that can be damaging to a workspace. Natural light has been known to keep people awake and productive, as well as provide tons of other benefits, so you certainly will not regret installing these.

As we mentioned, natural light provides so many incredible benefits. Studies have actually been conducted to prove this and have found that eighty-four percent of workers in naturally lighted spaces see a reduction in eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision, all of which can have a severe impact on how productive they can be. Not only that, but natural light is often the cause of a general increase in people’s wellbeing, making sure that your workers are much happier and are even more alert. Overall, this will result in a much more productive and happier workspace.

Rainbow Paint & Decorating can help you choose Skyline® Gliding Window Panels for offices to give you all the light control and privacy you need. We have everything you could possibly need to transform the look of your home. We offer a wide selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments, and we would be happy help you find the perfect style for your home. Our showroom offers a variety of window treatment displays for you to browse, touch, and even operate. No matter what you need for your home, we offer tons of options and will ensure that you are totally satisfied with your purchase. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama. From this location, we proudly serve the entire Birmingham Metro area, including Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Homewood.