interior design

Perfect Neutrals in the 2023 Inspiration Home

This summer, Rainbow Paint was honored to supply all the paint to Birmingham Home & Garden’s Inspiration Home. This year’s home, built by RW Development, in the Forest Creek neighborhood of Vestavia Hills was exquisitely designed, built, and decorated by some of Birmingham’s top professionals. Our contribution was high quality, perfectly colored paint from Dunn-Edwards….
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The Great Debate: Wallpaper vs. Paint?

Hello friends! Today we’re gonna talk about something near and dear to my heart: home decor! Specifically, we’re gonna compare two popular options for sprucing up your walls – wallpaper and paint – and see which one can give your home the biggest glow up. First off, let’s talk design. Wallpaper is like a treasure…
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How Color Consultations Can Benefit Homes in Birmingham, AL

There are tons of ways that a color consultant can help you and your home. Read on to learn more about how color consultations can benefit homes in Birmingham, Alabama. We, here at Rainbow Paint & Decorating, are committed to helping you create the perfectly decorated home. Sometimes choosing color schemes for your home can be…
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