Top Guest Bedroom Shades

Decorating a guest bedroom is always fun. You get to let your friends and family get a little taste of your creativity while creating a welcoming environment they will love coming back to throughout the years. If you have the bedding, the décor, and maybe even a little aromatherapy to sweeten the deal, that leaves just one last element: window treatments. While all window treatments provide some level of shade, privacy, and light control, they don’t all do at the same level, or with the same level of quality and appearance.

Top Guest Bedroom Shades, Hunter Douglas Room-Darkening Shades Near Birmingham, Alabama (AL).

For example, if you find that artificial or natural lighting somehow creeps into your guest bedroom, no matter how tight you pull those shades, you might need a little upgrade. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a variety of room-darkening window treatments that block light gaps, prevent trace amounts of light from coming in, and look stunning in your guest bedroom. Read on to learn more about our top guest bedroom shades from Hunter Douglas that will impress guests all year long.

Eliminate Those Light Gaps

Light gaps can be comparable to a leaky faucet. Throughout the day, you might not notice it a lot, but when you are trying to get some sleep at night, it is suddenly the most annoying, glaringly obvious thing. Whether it is moonlight, car headlights, or street lamps, if trace amounts of light are coming through your guest bedroom shades, your guests will not be sleeping soundly. These trace amounts of sunlight can disrupt your guests’ REM sleep, making them groggy the next day. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades eliminate light gaps while providing customization options and easy operation. No wonder these shades are one of the top guest bedroom shades!

Increase Comfort Levels

Another thing that can disrupt your guest’s sleep is if the bedroom is too hot or too cold. The number one reason for uncomfortable rooms in a home, even if your AC or heat is on, it’s poor insulation. If you find that your guest bedroom is sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter no matter what you do, it might be because your home’s air is seeping out and the outside air is creeping in. That is why another one of the top guest bedroom shades for those seeking comfort is our Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades. Made with cellular construction, the shades trap air right against your windows to create a comfortable environment. Plus, with room-darkening capabilities, these shades also pack a powerful punch when it comes to blocking out unwanted light.

Keep it Quiet

Unless you live in a noise–free vacuum, there will be bits of noise floating around or throughout your home that can keep your guests up. This is especially true if you live in a home where sound travels quickly or if you live alongside a busy road. The thick, quality material of these shades not only blocks out unwanted light but also improves a home’s acoustics while reducing outside noise pollution.

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