The Top-Selling Paint Colors from Farrow & Ball

farrow & ball

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be an ordeal. After all, it has to be perfect – anything less just won’t do.

But how can you decide on the perfect color from among the thousands of shades and combinations available? It can be difficult and overwhelming, which is why it’s always helpful to see what is popular in the market.

This can not only make your decision easier; it can also help make your home more attractive if you go to sell it. The reason is simple: people look for homes that match their preferences, so if you have a home with walls painted in popular colors, it decreases the chances that a potential buyer will have to repaint the whole place – making your home more appealing by default.

One of the leading providers of paint is Farrow & Ball, which has been in existence since 1946. Founded in England, Farrow & Ball provides sophisticated, upscale paint options for homeowners across the world. Designers across the globe use Farrow & Ball paint religiously, and now, through Rainbow Paint, you can join them by bringing this premier brand into your own home.

We decided to look at the top-selling paint colors from Farrow & Ball to give you some idea of what is popular in the market. You don’t have to use these colors by any means, but knowing what other people are doing could give you inspiration for your next painting project.

Railings 31

Railings 31, at first glance, looks black. But it’s actually more blue than black and provides an alternative to black that is softer and more complementary to your fixtures, not only for front doors but also wherever ironwork is prominently displayed. This doesn’t mean it’s not appropriate for interior rooms, however; it can offer a very dramatic look.

26 Down Pipe

A popular option for entranceways, 26 Down Pipe is a dark lead gray with blue undertones that can work very well for interior rooms, especially if you like to showcase art. In today’s market, darker tones are the new neutral. 26 Down Pipe, then, is a great choice if you want a neutral look to showcase your decor without going to the traditional stand-bys of earth tones.

Stone Blue

A designer favorite, Stone Blue isn’t your typical shade of blue. It actually has red undertones that give it more warmth than most blue shades. This color, when paired with a high-gloss finish, can really add brightness to an interior room. A tip: if you want something really ambitious, you can paint your ceilings – yes, your ceilings – in Stone Blue and let reflected light from your light fixtures create a soothing glow like what you see in aquariums. You don’t have to go that far, though; Stone Blue is a great choice for a unique take on warmth.

Pointing 2003

Darker tones are the new neutral, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from off-whites as a neutral choice. Pointing 2003 is a fresh take on off-white with warmer undertones that really soften a room, especially if you pair Pointing 2003 with more traditional colors. It isn’t as glaring as pure white, but it’s a lot more complementary of other colors than a deeper beige – providing a nice middle ground between both worlds.

If you want to check out these shades and other Farrow & Ball options, the best way to do so is to stop by our showroom or contact us for a design consultation. We can help match Farrow & Ball colors to your living space in line with what you want to achieve for the overall look and feel for each room.