The Unique Ingredients of Farrow & Ball

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It can be easy to view all paint ingredients as the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! While many paint manufacturers may follow a certain recipe, there are many industry innovators that bring a higher level of freshness to the world of paint. Of these unique manufacturers, Farrow & Ball is at the top of the painted totem pole. But what is it, exactly, that sets them so far apart from the competition? We discusses some of the key components below!

The first step to any Farrow & Ball color is making the base paint. This involves the key ingredients of titanium dioxide, china clay, and chalk. Once the base is created, they can get to the fun part! Farrow & Ball then adds the ingredients necessary to create that unique color depth they are known for. These pigments are mastered through a series of tests that determine the best hue. They are then dispersed perfectly so that every pot of paint will have the same quality of color.

During the 1940s, there was a national push towards acrylic-based paints. Despite the hype of this new method, Farrow & Ball founders stuck with what has always worked. This meant using natural minerals and rich pigments to create brighter, more vibrant shades of color. They have continued using this method, and seem intent on staying ahead of the competition. While they stick with their old school mixing technique, they use modern production technology to keep up with demand without compromising on quality.

Perhaps the most extraordinary detail of Farrow & Ball paint is the ability to adapt to different amounts of light throughout the day. Since every paint is a combination of multiple, uniquely made pigments, the sun highlights a different gorgeous color at various hours.

No matter how great a paint is, it won’t mean much if the finish isn’t there to protect it. Fortunately for Farrow & Ball customers, their finish is just as spectacular as their paint! They have spent countless hours testing their finish to provide the best option for keeping your paint looking fresh and clean for the longest amount of time. Not only does it keep your paint safe, but the color consistency with Farrow & Ball paint is incomparable.

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While reading about Farrow & Ball paint can give a good idea of the quality and uniqueness of their colors, it truly takes seeing to believe how wonderful they look! Take some time to check out their vibrant paint options, and contact us to take the first steps towards a better painting experience!